About Us

Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd.has sustained its successful operations based on the practice of total quality management and one guiding principal:putting our integrity into action. Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service Metal Fabricator & Metal Structure Manufacturer providing a comprehensive range of exceptional quality crafted metal products. Over 25 years' experience has taught us that process quality governs product quality. The skilled workforce of over 60 fabricators at Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. is lean-minded and dedicated to providing superior finished metal products of incomparable quality, durability and value. Our impressive range of comprehensive capabilities includes cutting, bending, welding, machining and finishing, handlingand logistics.

Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. is uniquely positioned to meet the most demanding customer deadlines with a lean and efficient production line. To ensure that each project meets or exceeds our clients' expectations, Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. has developed collaborative partnerships with select engineering firms, machine shops and material coating houses who share our customer service ethic and desire to provide superior finished products of unsurpassed quality and value.

The Chairman of our organization, Mr. Vagtaram Choudhary with his able guidance has helped us reach the present sky scraping status. In fact, his efficient team management and constant inspirational words motivates the entire workforce and enables them to work in perfect harmony.

We serve our valued clients in:

Management Skills
Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. has a staff of around 70 people including engineering/technical trades and administration. This gives us the flexibility in providing people to meet the need for the short-term increases in site numbers during special situations - changeovers etc. Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. has a strong reputation as being a competent and professional project management contracting company.

Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. tries to use the same group of subcontractors on their projects. We prefer to rely on known companies with whom we have a track record; however, from time to time this is not possible or practicable. We have developed a good relationship with key subcontractors, the most important being electrical, and as our work is spread over New Zealand and the Pacific, we do have subcontractors outside Auckland with whom we have worked successfully.

Health and Safety
Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. endeavours to take a pro-active role in health and safety, staff have completed Site Safe Training programs and are encouraged at all levels to raise health and safety issues. A copy of our Health and Safety Policy and Manual is available on request.

Compliance Systems
Aanjana Metal Concepts Pvt. Ltd. operates an internal Quality Assurance System in line with ISO standards but more importantly in line with statutory requirements. Our projects often involve working in hazardous areas or fabricating plant that must comply with statutory requirements such as pressure vessels and tanks. As such we have developed very robust systems for recording and documenting these projects.

AMC enjoy the process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or large scale structures.